Lenzyme is unique in that each ingredient is functional or contributes to the biodegradation process.
The superior waste digestant for your septic tank. Lenzyme the natural solution: 
  • Is environmentally safe protection 
  • Is non-porous, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-polluting and bio-degradable 
  • It provides natural aid to normal operation of waste disposal systems, increasing the capacity for waste elimination 
  • Eliminates odors which attract disease bearing insects 
  • It has 100% active ingredients - no fillers 
  • It substantially reduces gum and pectins which cause glazing of drainfields 
  • Helps eliminate soggy soil and puddling due to clogging 
Bio-Degradable    Non-Poisonous    Non-Toxic
Non-Caustic  Non-Corrosive 
Environmentally Safe
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Lenzyme Prices

One box: $65.00 plus tax
Two boxes: $120.00 plus tax

Shipping Charge:
One box: $5.00
Two boxes: $7.00

One box is a one year supply of Lenzyme